Fleur Market

A satisfied customer

Fleur Market stands for the positive reaction of a customer that is created when seeing a stunning floral display. Fleur Market therefore works from out of the perspective of the consumer.

Research shows that fresh, colourful and creative arrangements of chrysanthemums are a beautiful and key addition to a stunning floral display. We, as supply chain specialists, connect our growers with a broad, creative and striking assortment of chrysanthemums in order to create this stunning floral department.

Stunning floral department

Responding to consumer demand results in more sales and margin for your supermarket.

your flowers

A reliable partner with efficient processes.

Creative and

The possibilities within Fleur Market are immense. Translating customer demand into the correct retail concept is our speciality.

Supplying your flowers



Postal address: Oranjepolderweg 24, 2676 CL Maasdijk, +31(0)630229520, info@fleurmarket.nl

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